Pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey

Supper in Athens May 25th
Patriarch Bartholemew
singing nam nohi lita for the Patriarch
Relaxing after the visitation,
The Canada Crew
Holy Trinity Monastery on the Island of Chalki
Chora Constantinople Turkey
Hagia Sophia Turkey
Hagis Sophia Constantinople Turkey
some poppies outside a monastery had crosses inside
Touching the column of Christ's Flagellation, a treasured and ancient relic of the patriarchal church, is this remnant of the column where Christ was bound and whipped by Roman soldiers during his passion and before his crucifixion.
Holy Icon of Virgin Mary Holy Trinity Monastery Island of Chalki
The farewell meal in Constaninople, Sea of Marmara in the background.
Small town on the Island of Tinos, lots of stairs
Andros, only some poppies have crosses inside.
After Liturgy on the Island of Andros St Georges Church Feast day for Constantine and Helen
Island of Tinos Church of the Annunciation
Inside the Church of the Annunciation
Best Icon shop on Tinos