St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Social Support Network

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Committee is organizing a Ukrainian social services network for refugees from Ukraine. This is a collaborative effort together with UCC and other Ukrainian religious and civil organizations. The Ukrainian Support Network collects and shares the informational resources in conenction with the areas below.


  • Education:
    • language training (e.g. via Gateway - see below);
    • child support / day care;
    • children's day camp / overnight camp placement (free for families);
    • education for children and youth;
    • support for post-secondary (e.g. college, university, etc.) students;
    • liaison with educational institutions and school boards to help children and youth start / continue their education.




  • Other services:
    • The Calgary Welcome Center - get advice about language and other education, setting up a business in Canada, résumé editing, etc.;
    • Gateway (immigration agencies association) - miscellaneous services, language training, employment-related services, basic needs (food, furniture, social programs): (403) 265-1120;
    • free calls from abroad to Ukraine and from Ukraine to abroad via Skype (details here);
    • free flights to Canada:
    • community orientation;
    • liaison with existing social services in Calgary and the area;
    • professional and volunteer translators.

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